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Boogie Nights - The 70’s musical

Alderely & Wilmslow Musical Theatre CompanyBN

Director: Ryan Ellershaw
Musical Director: Mike Bramhall
Dance Director: Alex Howarth

Nostalgia is a great person pleaser and what better era to take an audience to than the time of flares, platform shoes and medallions. This juke box musical had us all grooving to “Play That Funky Music”, “Blame It On the Boogie” and many many more hits of the 70s.

All this is knitted together with a story about Roddy and Debs relationship – “can they both find what they are truly searching for”?

To set the scene we were frisked at the door, our hands stamped as in any self-respecting disco. In the auditorium cast members met and greeted in character, and appropriate music was playing. After a few words from Baz, the bouncer, David Massingham, the tabs opened to reveal a two-level composite set.

The production team generated a high energy show, which is needed for this type of musical theatre. It should never stop, it should be seamless. It was a shame there were blackouts where everything stopped, and then started up again.

Lighting provided atmosphere and the sound never interfered. The costumes, in the main, took us back to the era. Did we really look like that? And we thought we were so funky!

Micheal Daws brought all his experience to the role of Roddy, the Jack-the-lad. He moved easily from narrating to storytelling and handled the music with ease. Debs, his girlfriend, played by Alison Brander, and Clare Andrews as her friend, Trish, both created believable characters.

It is Dean who eventually declares his love and marries Debs, the twist in the story. Alex Webb had his moments as the safe, reliable, Dean. The light comedy of the piece was nicely delivered by Max Fone as Terry and Tina Lynn, as Lorraine. There was worthy contributions from Bob Jennings (Spencer) and Colin Dale (Eamon).

All the scenes came over in the style of those 70's sitcoms, “Robins Nest” and the like. This added to the nostalgia and contributed to an evening of “Boogie Wonderland”.