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Glossop Operatic & Dramatic Society
& Glossopdale Community College


Director: Ken Redfern
Musical Director: Mark Bousie
Dance Director: Heather Nevin

A Proscenium set along with other various suppliers created France of the 1800s. This coupled with atmospheric lighting and well balanced sound gave the production credibility. The costumes by Costume House added to the overall effect.

The director neglected none of the drama. Although the choreography was less pronounced it had its importance. Musically the score was well served and the M.D. did wonders with the orchestra.

“French Students have a history of revolting and French history has given plenty of reason for revolt”. The College students / cast in this production delivered Cosette's story with style and commitment.

Jack Dolan sensitively portrayed Valjean. His rendering of “Bring him Home” deserved the audience’s response. Inspector Javert is in constant pursuit of Valjean and, after having his life saved by him, is unable to carry on and commits suicide. Max Foster-Currie got under the skin of Javert, and the death scene was convincingly accomplished.

Kiera McClelland portrayed the tragic Fantine. She managed to bring the humanity to the character. Child and adult, Cosette, were both strikingly played by Josie Swan and Nicole Halton respectively. The love triangle between Eponine (Fern Curran), Cosette (Nicole Halton) and Marius (Ciaran Ashton) is not easy for such young people to understand, but all the emotions were believable especially in “A Heart Full of Love”.

This understanding was also demonstrated in Fern Curran's moving delivery of “On My Own”.

All the barricade scenes work well and Tyler Halton, as Gavroche, was an integral part of the drama. To lighten the load enter the Thénadiers. Their comedy was supplied by Matthew Nield and Zorazelda King giving colour to the piece.

There was accomplished ensemble playing which drove the drama and gave the production that all important attack and pace.

This iconic historical piece of theatre has been seen by over 65million people around the world making presenting any of the characters challenging.

This cast faced the challenges and presented a fresh and vibrant Les Misérables.