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Alderley & Wilmslow Musical Theatre Comedy

Director: Jennie Lewistn-awmtc-sitr
Musical Director: Mike Bramall
Dance Director: Michelle Tootell

The Golden Age of Hollywood’s transition from silent to “All Singing All Dancing All Talking” movies is characterised in this staged version of Gene Kelly’s iconic musical.

When such well-known pieces of theatre / cinema are staged an audience comes to expect certain aspects of the production. The director honoured the past but the venue wouldn’t allow any water so the title song was very convincingly presented in dance only.

All the choreography was in keeping with the era and was well executed by the dancers and ensemble. The principals were light and sure footed giving their numbers that extra dimension. This was made possible due to the quality of the band and the reading of the score.

The costumes and scenery, along with the technicians' contribution, enhanced the production. The pre filmed sequences were well put together and amusing. A special mention for Bob Chaloner in the movie “This is a talking movie” - perfect timing.

Kalini Kent opened the show as socialite, Dora, and narrated with nice voice levels and good diction. Enter the main principals: Richard Ross, as Don Lockwood, delivered all the dance steps but was vocally a little light for some of his musical numbers. In the Donald O’Conner role, Cosmo, Ian Tyler brought fun. He, too, had the ability to tell his song stories in dance and was very watchable.

The love interest, Kathy Seldon, played by Hannah Davies, came into her own in the “Good Morning” number. It was Michelle Anderson who had the difficult job of delivering the stereo-typical character, Linda Lamont. Michelle made the part her own, although this wasn’t helped by the wig she was given, but found the comedy within.

The supporting performers, Don Bremner, as studio boss, RF Simpson, and Max Fone, as studio director, Roscoe Dexter, contributed to the story telling.

There are so many scenes and locations, but all the other characters were convincing in their many roles, and conveyed each episode of the Lockwood and Seldon story.