Association of Community Theatre


In The Wings (Junior section of Ashton Operatic Society)


Mentor: Kelly Harrington

Assisted by: Jessica Morris, Keiran Lever and Lauren Harrison

Devised by the students

Music supplied by backing tracks


This was an entertainment with words, music and dance, an evening of music taken from well-known films from the 1930s to 2000s. There was also dialogue from other films from the same era as those of the chosen songs. The audience took part in the proceedings by taking part in a quiz which proved to be testing their movie knowledge.


The presentation was well attended giving encouragement and support to the performers.  But above all, the audience was also well entertained. Once again the mentor and her assistants’ hard work brought out the very best from the company. With just one rehearsal a week, coupled with mixed ages and abilities, it must have been quite a challenge to provide entertainment to this standard..


This was the second presentation from “In the Wings” and it was evident from this production that  progress in all aspects of presentation had been achieved. Once again Keiran Lever showed his choerographic skills, as the routines from the company were slick and well executed. His co-choreographers also performed and were important in achieving the overall effect.


Musically the ensemble work was strong showing good teamwork. The supporting of each other was so evident. Group, and individual numbers were delivered with confidence.  On the evidence of this performance, it has to be said all the students have grown in their ability.


There is maybe a little more work needed with delivery of lines, but I feel sure this  will be addressed as this group develops.


It was the interaction, body language and truth that each performer brought to his or her individual piece that was so encouraging. The main society should feel very proud  of its fledgling group,  “In the Wings”, and that development for the future is being achieved.


I look forward with anticipation to seeing the company’s next showcase, and to witness how much further this troupe of happy players has progressed.


Very many congratulations on all your hard work.