ACT Reviews 2022-2023 Season

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Director: Ian Graham Musical Director: Mike Wilding Choreography: Cheryl Chamberlain Knutsford Little Theatre Pantoland is reviving former titles such as “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Beauty and the Beast”, and why not? All the traditional formatting can be applied to most fairy tales. Let us not forget the evil character always enters stage left (known as the dark side). The creative team delivered a fun-filled pantomime with upbeat songs and choreography. There was a very workable set with two clever, reversible book flats up-stage. The lighting plot created atmosphere and the sound gave clarity. Music was supplied by keyboard giving that extra element to the entertainment value. Costumes made strong statements. One of Belle’s costumes was in the style of Disney’s yellow crinoline ball gown. It was a shame, however, that the actress’s body art was visible. The ensemble work was given to the junior members of the company and what a good job they did. They were full of enthusiasm adding to their scenes and the story telling. Enter the good and bad characters, Jenny Graham, as Fairy Flora, and Emma Bonfield as the evil Belladonna, (Emma certainly did not go unnoticed as she doubled up as Monique). They went head to head over the plight of the Prince and Belle giving the audience plenty of opportunity to cheer and boo. The curse on the Prince (Tommy Irvine) can only be broken if someone falls in love with the Beast (Jim Broughton). It was a shame in the transformation scene from