ACT Reviews 2022-2023 Season

maid, to name but a few. The younger members of the company also made an impression. Two characters that changed the future of those living at Three Chimneys Cottage are Mr Perks and “The Old Gentleman” (Cavan Slate). Matthew Hutchinson was Albert Perks, station porter and friend of the children. He was totally in tune with the character. Mrs Waterbury, “Mother”, is a talented poetess; she has to be played by an actress with truth and integrity. Alison Bowers did just that showing the inner strength of the character coping with her newly enforced life. Her three children, whose world had been turned upside down, now have to live prudently in the rural countryside. Rosie Harkins, as Phillis, played her role with conviction alongside Cameron Kennedy, as Peter, who was bold in his adventures a leader and spokesperson. Cameron and Rosie’s handling of the stopping of the train and the getting of the paper trail runner Jim (Thomas Chatterton) out of the tunnel displayed their acting skills.