ACT Reviews 2022-2023 Season

MURDERED TO DEATH By Peter Gordon Directed by Sean Duvall Knutsford Little Theatre It has been some years since I have visited this delightful theatre where the whole audience, as well as myself, receive a warm welcome on arrival. The very nicely produced programme gave us a taste of the light-hearted evening we were about to enjoy. This is a most amusing spoof on the Agatha Christie style murder mystery where a set of traditional characters are assembled in the country home of Mildred Bagshot. It appears the characters are not all they seem and when a murder takes place, a duo of policemen is sent in to unravel the plot and solve the case. When the curtains opened, the audience was treated to a stunning lounge set of a country house, complete with stag’s heads adorning the walls. How lucky the theatre is to have a talented designer in the director, who was able to give them such an excellent set to work in. The era of elegance was completed by some lovely furniture and props. The costumes of all the cast were also stylish and well put together, I admired some very elegant shoes worn by the ladies! Sympathetic lighting with spot-on sound effects and I felt transported back to this golden age of crime mysteries. Mildred, the lady of the house (Clare Ardern) is with her niece Dorothy (Cheryl Chamberlain) to open the play and comfortably set the scene of the ensuring dinner party, establishing the history and balance of their relationship. Clare’s is an elegant and natural performance, anxious about what the evening might hold but quite at home in her environment. Initially, Dorothy appears to be simply dutiful to her aunt and a meek character but, as the play develops, we can see her sparkle as she holds her own. A nicely crafted performance by Cheryl.