ACT Reviews 2022-2023 Season

character, obviously more intelligent than his supervisor, was played with quiet confidence and ease. There were some wonderfully timed exchanges between them, particularly over the mistaken surname. An excellently understated comical performance. Ian Graham’s Inspector was a tour-de-force. A super portrayal of incompetence which was energetic, with well-timed and sharp delivery of some tricky dialogue. We laughed and cringed at Pratt’s uselessness in equal measure. There was some nifty telephone handling and the most glorious ‘behind the sofa’ dive I think I have ever seen! This was quite a large cast who worked together well on stage under the direction of Sean Duvall. The whole pace was good, moved swiftly when it needed to and there were some inspirational moments of comedic action. I appreciated the well-executed traditional ‘Christie’ line-ups during the gathering-together scenes. In a spoof like this it would be easy to portray the characters as caricatures, which would have been fine. But, like all good murder plots, some of these characters had secrets and double lives so were more than one dimensional, and we were indeed shown these different traits by the actors. It made for an extremely enjoyable set of performances. A who-dunnit which kept us guessing to the end. The whole evening was great fun for me and the rest of the audience. Thank you for your hospitality and warm welcome.