ACT Reviews 2022-2023 Season

focus as he delivered the convoluted happy ending. Head girl, Gail Beaumont, played by Donna Wood, gave lively support helping Daisy to pull it off. The first of the double acts, Clare Nash, delivered a feisty Sybil Burlington, Daisy’s snobbish tormentor, with whom you would not share your tuck box. Her side kick is bespectacled Monica Smithers. Comedy actress Barbara Mayer’s slightly over-the-top delivery extracted all the comedy with scrummy effect. The central double act is self-confessed madcap, Trixie Martin of the upper fourth and little miss perfect Daisy. Kitti Dixon, as Trixie, was a true chum to Daisy giving a lot of light and shade to the character. Daisy is not an easy part to play; she has to keep the audience on her side. Daisy, the scholarship state school pupil, is brainy and excels in music and sports. Framed as a cheat she helps win the hockey county finals and with Trixie finds the treasure. Seasoned actress Margaret Hall’s portrayal of Daisy captured all the many facets of the character, This production re-established the play group and returned them into their regular venue after the Covid exile. This they did with style and their audience showed its appreciation.