Nominations by Society - Pantomime Awards 2022

Friends of the Art Theatre Cinderella Most Accomplished Good Character – Adult / Youth Mhairi Jennings - Fairy G Most Accomplished Principal Boy- Adult Including Youth Lisa Quinn - Prince Charming Most Accomplished Skin Part – Adult Rob Brittles & Cathryn Yates - Hagan the Horse Most Accomplished Principal Actress – Adult Alice Bowden - Cinderella Most Creative Comic Double Act - Youth Isabel Fletcher-Shaw & Alfie Hall - Bodget & Leggett Most Creative Comic Double Act – Adult Natalie Bowden & Stewart Bowden - Gertrude & Grizelda Most Creative Comic Portrayal Actor Adult Seb Green - Buttons Most Creative Comic Portrayal Actress – Adult Rebecca Towner-Yates - Dandini Most Excellence In Dance – Adult Cathryn Yates Most Accomplished Musical Accompaniment - Live Band Adult Claire Sweeney & Rob Hawkins