Association of Community Theatre

Show Reviews 2017


Ashton Operatic Society


Director: Lee Brennan

Musical Director: Paul Firth

Dance Director: Stacey Maurice.


This show is yet another successful film being given a musical score and becoming a success all over again. It is the story of Elle Woods, a fashion and UCLA sorority girl, whose signature colour is pink. Chasing love she finds herself, and her pink personality, at Harvard studying law.


Legally Blonde is a musical for the young and young at heart, where a “Barbie” meets High School the Musical. It is a high energy, high octane, full-on show.  There is no depth to any of characters.  It is a musical that is just fun, fun, fun, and with lots of catchy numbers.

The sugary set, that was provided, completed the candy floss package of the show. The lighting and sound teams did a nice job whilst the costumes were appropriate for the characters.


The direction captured the essence of the show as did the choreography which brought out the spirit of the music, and was played by a fine band. All the vocals were effectively sung by an enthusiastic company.


To help tell Elle’s story, she has her own Greek Chorus of Delta Nu-girls who were a power house in both song and movement. There were many supporting roles that were important to give the show its correct atmosphere. Gary Jones-McCaw played an array of characters, all completely different from each other. It was the courtroom comedy number, “Gay or European”, which got the “chuckle muscles” going.


Paul Allison played the villain of the piece, Professor Callahan, the “Blood in the Water” ruthless lawyer. This character has to be played in true melodramatic style and Paul captured every aspect.

The love-rat and chased boyfriend, Warner Huntington III,  the equivalent  “Ken” to Elle’s "Barbie” has to be stereotypically all American. Samuel Maurice gave a strong performance as the social-climbing, would-be lawyer, Warner.


This show stands or falls on the performance of the principal character. Ellie Birtle was the “bend and flick” Elle Woods. She engaged with the audience and briskly told the story of the perky Elle.

Legally Blonde, the Musical can be described as a teenage musical, and it is a good romp too. It was the sheer enthusiasm from the cast that whipped this show into shape.