Association of Community Theatre

Show Reviews - May  2017


Urmston Musical Theatre Junior Section


Directors: Eleanor Cardoza & Rachel Mellor

Musical Director: James Goodwin

Dance director: James Goodwin


For this presentation of Willy Russell's "Our Day Out", the company were at a new venue for this junior group, Alan Pickwick, along with S.M. Richard Gaffney, and team, tuned a former drill hall into a theatre and at the same time, they created a very workable space.


The sound and lighting complimented to the telling of the progress class’s outing to Wales. The costumes were appropriate for the casting  and added that little extra for the characters.


Willy Russell’s musical drama has been updated: names have been changed, the smoking is out, so is the café scene. However, the script and music remain the same, thank goodness.


The production team put together twenty plus youngsters, the result being an enjoyable evening’s entertainment. This was achieved by the channelling of their imaginations.  For each scene a set of benches were rearranged for each location by the cast. It was their energy, and wanting to get it right, that carried the production.


A class of young people, with so many social issues, made for some interesting characterisations. In charge of the motley crew is the understanding, Mrs Kay, nicely played by Melissa Gun. Supporting Mrs Kay are Katie Appleby and Mark McDevit, portrayed by Sean Gallagher and Lucy Smith each complementing the unfolding story.


Drew Frangleton played Mr Briggs, the ever negative teacher of these young people’s place in society. Drew gave a strong performance displaying both the brusque and softer sides of Briggs.


The kids were believably characterised. Selina Gun and Molly Ainsworth had fun as the bored Cloe and Zoe. Taking on multiple roles of Ronny, Les and the zoo keeper, is not easy. Niall Sheridan found something different to give each of the character. Loner, Amy, who doesn’t want to go back to her way of life, was captured by Olivia Kirrane.


The relationships between Carlene, Jacqueline, Ryan and Digga were well developed by Jessica Corps, Isla Plant, Cianan Madeley and Harry Rapinett respectively.


This school trip is so true to life. Russell has dramatized a life experience to which we can all relate.


This group of young performers recreated, with truth and enthusiasm, all of our days out.