Association of Community Theatre

Show Reviews 2017


Romiley Operatic Society


Director: Michael Jones – McCaw

Musical Director: Claire Sweeney

Dance Director:­ Tracy Harper


Dolly Parton’s hit musical is based on the successful film; set in the 1970s when women were not treated equal in the workplace. Also political correctness didn’t exist and sexual harassment was common place.


A clever composite set with trucks and built-in set pieces allowed the action to run smoothly. The costumes created the period and all the technical aspects gave the show that all important depth and colour.


Direction was inventive, bringing the best out of the show endorsed by the choreography. All the musical content was of a high standard played out by an excellent orchestra.


To make the role of Franklin Hart, Jr., the smarmy, lecherous boss work, the actor has to find and deliver the comedy. Steve Harrison as the lusting Franklin did just that, creating a very watchable character.


His three girls (if only) Violet, Judy and Doralee, after a few twists and turns in the story become friends. They are bonded when they go to Violet’s house to smoke some pot and agree that the Bullpen Office would run better without Franklin.


Colette Desborough, Louise Colohan and Hannah Davis gave memorable performances as Violet, Judy and Doralee. These three performed as one “all for and one for all”. The three characters are the show and the girls brought those characters to life.


The removal of Franklin, and the antics of the girls running the office themselves, nearly didn’t go to plan, due to the office spy, Roz Keith, who is secretly in love with the boss. Andrea Sutcliffe added fun to the proceedings as Bullpen’s snoop.


The supporting players were well cast from Denise Carter as the “Trolley Dolly”, to Violet’s toy boy, Josh (Jack Chawnet). There was a very nice cameo performance from Geoffrey Pickford as Mr. Tinsworthy.


All the other characters gave valid contributions to this production, a presentation that oozed entertainment.