Association of Community Theatre

Show Reviews - June  2017


In The Wings


Creative team Kelly Harrington

Assisted by Kieron Lever


This youth presentation was ACT in Training in every sense of the word. The mentors through a rehearsal period with their students created a meaningful piece of theatre.


As in all training the students were performing and rehearsing which helped with their stage craft and their personal abilities. Confidence building, team work, conversational skills and believing in themselves go towards building them into more independent individuals.


Improvised and then scripted, the story is about a set of theatre school students and their relationships. Music was added (backing tracks) allowing them to carry on storytelling through song.


There was a mixed level of ability which showed the strength of team work, the bonding and support was very evident, Dialogue was handled well, this is an area which always needs continual work. Sharing with an audience is something that has to be honed in every time the young actor goes on stage.


Putting the meaning to and delivering a song are the most challenging aspects for these young performers. This cast met the challenge, adding to their characterisations. Choreography / movement came over well and again added to the overall dramatic picture.


This was a showcase that this group should be proud of, after the performance I stayed for their in house award presentation. I was very impressed with the categories, these extended and rewarded the work they had achieved.